Amazon Buys – Cornering the Book Market

I love buying from Amazon. But I can’t think of a company that is becoming more monopolistic. I’ve written about their attempts to own the domain space related to books and authors (.book and .author new Top Level Domains). Today I read that they are buying one of the largest book related social networks,

Amazon Acquires Goodreads

When it comes to which website’s pages come up first upon searching Google for a book, Amazon and Goodreads vie for dominance. Now, the former has bought out the competition. has entered into an agreement to acquire Goodreads. The leading ebook-seller is now the owner of the leading books-focused social network. Goodreads had over 12 million users as of late 2012 and, according to a statement from Amazon, has over 16 million today.

Read the story… | Source: Digital Book World | Date posted: 3/29/2013

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