Amazon’s .Book Opposition Gets Some Play Time

I wrote about the commercial problems with Amazon applying for new Top Level Domains like .book and .author. It seems that most large businesses and publishers are ignoring this. The big publishers are missing in action. I think that’s a mistake.

It was nice to see however, that Fox Business played a video interviewing publisher, Clint Greenleaf (Greenleaf Book Group) I felt that they didn’t have enough time to really make the point but it was nice to see some attention from other publishers. Greenleaf pointed out:

If big player own these new Top Level Domains, whether it’s Google owning .app or Amazon running .book it’s going to force many smaller players down. There’s about 3000 books released in the market each day and all those new people will want to get a dot book. I don’t think that this is right time for Amazon to own that kind of domain.

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