The Success of Our New Domain Name

Our (’s Commitment to Success.

One domain registrar asked how we think the domain name will do in the Italian market, given that we offer a third-level domain. I ran out of room to answer the question on Linkedin, so am posting my more complete answer here: domain name logo

We are engaged with several Italian online providers to answer your question more precisely. However, we expect global demand from the IT sector to be the more significant portion of registrations. Our research shows that there are over 55 million IT professionals around the world. They start businesses, they’re paid well, and they register a lot of domain names. It also shows that IT translates into “Information Technology” or similar in no less than forty-five languages.

We are certainly doing everything we can to ensure the success of The idea is to build demand for our registrars through solid marketing and global exposure.

We have an excellent company behind the domain and have budgeted more than ten times the capital a typical new gTLD registry spends for launches and ongoing marketing.

Here are a few specific examples:

We’re planning an INTA ad campaign starting next year. We’ve joined the ICA and i2c (the Domain Name Association) to ensure we are known in the industry. We’ve sponsored and will support NamesCon and ICANN at their meetings.

We’re also working on the IT and technology trade show circuits.

We’re actively building distribution for this tld (third-level domain) and have received commitments from many registrars worldwide.

By the start of our Sunrise Period (Jan 1 – Jan 28), we’ll have an online directory of our accredited registrars, including:

Please feel free to write to me if you have any questions or suggestions. Our Sunrise program is all in place now for IP-focused registrars.

Joe (at)

+1 951-313-7200

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New Domain Name Launched –

Although I left the domain name industry last year, an opportunity came along that I couldn’t refuse. I was contacted by some old friends, now affiliated with Intis Telecom, a 40 million-dollar, UK-based telecom and short messaging service. The company bought the domain name “” last year for 3.8 million dollars and dedicated it to expanding the Internet namespace. Soon you will be able to buy domains like or

At Intis Telecom, we are now in the process of reaching out to domain name registrars worldwide and helping them set up to sell domains. Below are links to the various documents needed to get set up. I put them here for convenience, but the main website for is Registrar Documentation

1. Marketing and Sales Copy Suggestions.pdf
2. Registry-Registrar Agreement v4.pdf
2a. To sign the RRA please click here.
3. Launch Schedule 2023.pdf
4. Prices and Pricing Policies v2.pdf
5. Premium Domains and Prices.xlsx
6. Reserved Names List.xlsx
7. Reserved Names and Naming Rules Policy.pdf
8. Domain Name Lifecycle.png
10. Dispute Resolution Policy.pdf
11. Privacy Policy.pdf
12. Terms of Service and Abuse Policy v5.pdf
13. Integration EPP eng v3.pdf
14. Integration WHMCS eng.pdf

Entire Launch Package Finished Docs v2.rar
Entire Launch Package Finished Docs

Sign RRA for

Background Information

In a sense, expanding the namespace online has been a large part of my life’s work. From 2001 until mid-2012, I worked for another British company called CentralNic. This is exactly the kind of thing we did there. In those days, much like today, everyone wanted a great .com domain name, but it always felt like the good ones were already taken. CentralNic was the registrant of domain names like,, and We expanded the namespace, and you can often find billboards worldwide that advertise their domain names using CentralNic’s tlds (third-level-domains).

From 2007 until 2012, as part of CentralNic, I played a small role in helping to bring new Top Level Domain Names to the world (another way of expanding the namespace online!). I helped companies to apply for .xyz, .love, .blog, .club, .law, and many more. CentralNic helped about sixty new Top Level Domains (TLDs)come into the world. The process took much longer than expected. From 2012, when the application period ended, until 2021, over 600 new Top Level Domain Names came into being.

So, consumers do have a lot of choices today. But I still believe that third-level domains like are one of the best ways to expand the namespace. Even after 20 years of being in the domain name business, I could hardly remember all of the new TLDs that were introduced. In fact, during my time at 101domain, a retail domain name registrar, we built a game and a contest based on whether a domain name ending was real or not. It was a lot of fun. New TLDs and consumer choice are great things, but none of the new TLDs have reached the success rate of the .com ending.

The .com ending remains the most successful and recognized TLD in the world. And subdomains (third-level domains) align with how the Internet was always meant to work.

Reasons Why Third-Level Domain Names (tlds) Should be Promoted

Third-Level domains have been part of the Internet since its inception. They are in line with the original intent of the hierarchical structure of the DNS and the Internet pioneer’s idea of how domains would work. They are compatible with apps worldwide and have no problems regarding

Universal Acceptance

(UA). They work with email clients and apps worldwide with little or no modification.
Third Level Domains are Universally Accepted Consumers face no problems using Third-Level-Domain. Jon Postel is one of the Internet’s fathers, especially regarding the DNS system. In his October 1984 introduction of RFC 920, called “The Purpose of Domains, he wrote that the DNS should work as follows:

“The domain system is a tree-structured global name space that has a few top level domains. The top level domains are subdivided into second level domains. The second level domains may be subdivided into third level domains, and so on.”

The above quote describes precisely what we allow you to offer in the domain name! We expand the namespace on the Internet exactly how it was meant to be developed.

We estimate that at least thirty-million domain names worldwide host their websites on domains like (third-level domains). Moreover, these domains are compatible with ALL email servers and applications (many new TLDs still are not).

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Making Butterfield FireWise®

I have an insurance agency. We insure cars, homes, businesses, and lives. Over the past few months, I’ve heard more and more people bringing up the fact that their insurance is being raised. I’ve also met several potential client / applicants who have been denied or refused insurance due to “potential fire hazard”.

The interesting thing is that many of these applicants have homes that don’t seem like a fire hazard at all to me. But I’ve come to learn that part of these fire hazard decisions are based on the existing risk that some of these insurance companies already have in a particular area or region. It’s a way for them to limit risk by spreading it out. After all that’s what makes insurance work, shared risk.

Well guess what, I just got my homeowners insurance bill and it went up too. I decided to look into it a little more. What I discovered is interesting and might be of interest to people in the community. It’s called creating a Firewise USA Community. And living in one has the potential to save us a few dollars on our insurance bills (I don’t know if it’s significant but I see no reason not to do this regardless).

I’m going to start it. If you are interested in serving on the board that we’ll need to create, please contact me. My plan is to do it in Butterfield and to invite other parts of Chino Hills to do it for their communities as well. A Firewise USA Community can consist of no more than 2500 homes. I’ve counted about 1800 in ours.

Our web page will be here. Eventually I am going to move the page to my upcoming website.

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I’ve Opened Up an Insurance Agency!

I’ve opened up an insurance agency – CauseWell Insurance Services ( I now offer homeowners, condo, and auto insurance as well as umbrella, RV, motorcycle, classic car, and life insurance. After twenty years of traveling around the world talking to people in the domain name & tech industry, I’ve decided to work and spend time in my own community of Chino Hills and the Inland Empire.

The name CauseWell comes from a tag-line I’ve contemplated for some while, “Our cause is your financial wellness”. Insurance is a necessary part of financial wellness and I believe that the way I’ve set this up, I will be able to save people money AND help them choose the best insurance products for their needs.

Happy Independence Day

Thanks to some help and advice from my brothers (Both have long-time successful careers in the financial services industry), I will be an independent agent and will have the ability to work with many national insurance carriers, including Kemper, Ecompass (an Allstate company), Stillwater, Safeco (A Liberty Mutual Company), Foremost Insurance Group, Bristol West (owned by Farmers) and Berkshire Hathaway (Guard). These are great insurance companies and will allow me to offer the widest choice of value and pricing. More are coming.

If you are finding it difficult to get insured by a carrier within the state for any reason, I may be able to help you find a reputable carrier from out of state through our “Excess or Express Markets” program. These are great carriers from out of the state who can be used if you’ve exhausted your resources seeking insurance from state-admitted carriers.

So, I’m celebrating our nations’ Independence Day weekend with my own declaration of independence. By becoming an Independent Insurance Broker, I will not feel compelled to write business with one carrier over another because of sales requirements. I’ll be free to help you choose the best options for your situation.

Look for more announcements in the coming weeks and months. I look forward to helping you make the best choices for your insurance needs. Please contact me if you have any questions or just to say hi.

CauseWell Insurance Services Logo

P.S. To all of my friends in the domain name industry, I plan to stay in touch. Thank you for all the great friendships and good times.

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