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Earth GlobeAs I begin my new job at Afilias I am looking forward to helping promote country-code Top Level Domain names (ccTLDs).  Over 18 years I have enjoyed working with the diverse communities that make up this group of people (in fact it’s been a great privilege!). These are accomplished and educated people who are at the very forefront of technology within their countries.

Over the past few years, there has been much controversy over who controls the Internet. Some were upset because the United States ceded “control” of the Internet to a wider community through an ICANN process. The truth is that little changed.  I wrote an article about this last year.  The people who run ICANN are still there and in my view they’ve accomplished a lot.

These are people from all over the world. Many of them are what I’m calling ccTLD People.  Look for more articles and interviews over the coming months.


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Best Used Car Advertisement Ever

A friend showed me this ad that a digital ad exec made to sell his used car. It is awesome. Had to share…

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Are Most of Your Web Visitors Robots? (Infographic)

Incapsula, a web technology company produced an interesting infographic depicting the percentage of bots that visit websites. According to them, more than half of your visitors may be robots. The largest number of bots used (24.3%) are “impersonators” that are trying to bypass security solutions and which are commonly used to attack websites. The second and third respectively (12.2% and 6.6%) are legitimate robots that either fetch feeds or bring information to search engines. Good and bad bots are pretty evenly spread. It’s a good idea to understand a little more about them. Hope you enjoy the infographic:

Incapsula Bot Infographic

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Tech News and Views

Uber May Have Deceived Authorities in Areas Where the Service is Not Allowed

Uber had (may still have) a program called Greyball that disqualified law enforcement from hailing an Uber to avoid prosecution in places that it wasn’t allowed. The NY Times states that Uber used these methods to evade the authorities in cities like Boston, Paris and Las Vegas, and in countries like Australia, China and South Korea. Uber states that the program was also used as a safety tool for drivers; weeding out undesirable riders (apparently according to their Uber ratings).

I’m an Uber fan. In my view, places that ban Uber are missing good opportunities, inconveniencing travelers, and holding back progress. I guess everyone doesn’t see it like I do however.

Read the story… | Source: NY Times

Facebook Begins Labeling News as “Disputed”

The new system is expected to make it easier for users to flag and report stories that are misleading or false. Those stories will then be reviewed by third-party fact-checkers and labeled as potentially fake in the News Feed.

The first evidence that Facebook is checking the news is being reported. Have you seen it yet? So far I haven’t but I did find that on certain news stories there is now an option to report the post as “fake news”. I hope that the “crowd” will help us determine the truth but I have a feeling that the majority may end up ruling. 🙂

Generally I have trusted to validate stories and I’ve not found them to be wrong or misleading. I have seen reports that they are biased but have never seen it for myself. I think this is a good move for Facebook.

Read the story… | Source: Business Insider – Know What Your Kids are Doing Online

This is not an advertisement. I’ve always been an advocate of protecting children online and an old friend of mine, Lawrenc Ng, has now created what appears to be an amazing product that allows parents to track their children’s activities online, on their phones (oh yeah, your kids are going want a phone sooner than you think), and on social networks.

This looks like a great product and I think parents everywhere should take a look. I also think that not only do we have a right, but a responsibility to know who are kids are communicating with and what they are talking about. The site offers a 7 day free trial but I couldn’t find what the ongoing costs were.

Check out KidGuard… | Source:

5G Will Make Smartphones the Least Interesting Things in Mobile

By early next decade, marketers hope 5G speeds will fully realize big ideas like autonomous cars, connected homes and smart cities, not to mention smaller but potent tactics like letting shoppers virtually try on clothes…

Read the story… | Source: Ad Age

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