TLD Statistics – Numbers in Various gTLDs as of February 2011

Have you wondered about the list of generic top level domains (gTLDS) or how many domain names exist in the existing top level domains?  I’m always looking for lists and statistics on this information so I thought I’d share some recent TLD stats with you here:

Here are some overall numbers I acquired from ICANN as of February 2011…

  • .aero     7,300
  • .asia     190,000
  • .biz     2,120,000
  • .cat     48,000
  • .com     95,000,000
  • .coop     7,000
  • .info     7,400,000
  • .jobs     42,000
  • .mobi     978,000
  • .museum     449
  • .name     230,000
  • .net     14,000,000
  • .org     9,000,000
  • .pro     100,000
  • .tel     300,000
  • .travel     26,000

Many companies are looking for this information to help them build their business cases for new TLDs.  I hope that this helps. These are official numbers from ICANN (as of February 2011).

If you need help in building your business case for a new Top Level Domain, please contact us.

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  1. Joe says:

    A great find. Where does ICANN make these numbers available?

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