WordPress is Awesome – Thanks WordPress!

WordPress has been such an amazing program. Any time I set up a website today for almost any reason, I use WordPress. I can set a WordPress site up and get it in pretty good shape, adding content, in less than one day. In fact, it really only takes a few minutes for the whole process, but if you allow for full Internet propagation, so that servers are updated throughout the Internet, it helps to think of a full set-up and configuration taking a day.

As part of the process of setting up a WordPress site, I usually do a few things, one of which is to remove the default links. But I must say that I feel guilty doing it so I’m going to add them back here as links in this post. I’ll probably add more links here related to WordPress as well in the future for my own reference.

To the people at WordPress: Thank you!


All the information on how to install and configure WordPress…
WordPress Documentation


Plugins can be easily installed and help you to do so many things with wordpress. There are plugins for SEO, forms, news distribution… The list of things you can do with WordPress plugins is very long. And once you learn how to install them it is very easy to do things with them.
WordPress Plugins

Suggest Ideas

Many people don’t know that as of 2011 WordPress web sites make up over 12 percent of the Internet. It’s become so easy to use WordPress for so many things.
Suggest Ideas to WordPress

Support Forum

If you need help, there is a very robust help network here. People usually are very nice and very helpful. But most of all, pretty much any question you can think of has already been answered here. Just set up an account and search for your question.
WordPress Support Forum


There are thousands of WordPress themes availble for free. There are thousands more that are sold very reasonably. Installing and getting a theme up and running generally only takes minutes. The free ones are here. You can also search Google for more.
WordPress Themes

WordPress Blog

You can get the latest news on WordPress here.
WordPress News

WordPress Planet

This is an an aggregation of blogs where people write articles and share the latest on what they are doing with WordPress.
WordPress Planet

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