A New, More Customer-Friendly Type Of Web Address Is Coming

It was nice to run across an article today about new Top Level Domains that described them as “Customer-Friendly”.  We need more positive press about new TLDs.  There are plenty enough painting them in a negative way.

The truth is that new TLDs are neither positive nor negative. They’re just a new and more flexible way to address websites.

The word “dotcom” has always been synonymous with the internet and domain names. But, despite being the most popular, the .com domain has for a long time been only one of many top level domains, and a new programme from the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) will see the number of available top level domains explode well into the hundreds.

Soon you may be checking out the newest film release at a .movie website, ordering dinner from www.dominos.pizza, or booking a hotel room at www.auckland.hilton.

Read the story… | Source: National Business Review | Date posted: 4/22/2012

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