Big Investors Bullish on Domain Names

Stephen Mandel, Lone Pine CapitalI just read an article about Billionaire, Stephen Mandel buying stock in Verisign. Considering that Verisign has continually focused deeper into the domain name business, this is good news for our industry. Lone Pine reflects “big money” thinking and it’s nice to see these kinds of investors bet on domains. This kind of thing bodes well for all registries [ 🙂 ]. Here’s the article reference:

Billionaire Stephen Mandel Bought In To Verisign

Lone Pine Capital has recently filed a 13G with the SEC to announce that it has acquired 8.6 million shares of Verisign Inc (NASDAQ:VRSN), the Internet registry service that includes .com domain names. Based on the company’s share count, Lone Pine owns 5.5% of the shares outstanding… His investments have tended to significantly outperform the S&P 500.

Mandel isn’t the only hedge fund manager to take an interest in Verisign…at the end of June John Griffin’s Blue Ridge Capital reported a position of 6.2 million shares. Griffin was legendary investor Julian Robertson’s second in command before founding Blue Ridge in 1996…

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