ICANN’s New gTLD Domain Name List Released

ICANN has revealed the entire list of new gTLDs today. You can download a spreadsheet here (right click and ‘save as’ since this is an Excel spreadsheet).

It’s good to see so many brands. Interesting that the first press question was about .sucks. We have an applicant for that and although it may seem offensive to some, it is a term popularly used in domain names to criticize companies, governments, and individuals.

Some Brands That Have Applied

Some of the brands that have applied include:

.aaa from the American Automobile Association
.aarp from the American Association of Retired Persons
.amazon from Amazon
.amex from American Express
.apple from Apple Inc.
.asda from Wal-Mart Stores; not sure what they have in mind for this.
GM has applied for many of their brands such as .buick and .cadillac.
.google from guess who? Using the Charleston Road Registry.
.mcdonalds from McDonalds
.xbox from Microsoft (Should be big for them).

I think that advertising dollars will begin to flow to these new names rather than the .com versions of the same. The result will be a bit less equity in the .com brand. However, .com will remain the dominant TLD because smaller businesses that still advertise will continue advertising them in local markets.

Smart Choices (IMHO)

.autoinsurance from Allstate
.author from Amazon
.baby from Johnson and Johnson
.bible from the American Bible Association
.book from Amazon (and many others)
.deal from Amazon (and one other)
.expert – I think this was an interesting one.
.gop – From TLDH. It looks like they are assisting the California GOP
.how from Google
.makeup from Loreal
.tunes from Amazon
.yellowpages from Telstra in Australia – I think this one has potential

Of Note

My personal favorite new TLD is .spot which was applied for by Amazon, Google, and DotSpot, LLC (Great minds think alike :-)).

.dot – That seems confusing to me.

Several very smart retailers have applied for IDNs. Walmart and Amazon have applied for a few.

The Vatican applied for .catholic – I think that is pretty cool and will become popular over time.

Likely to End Up Costing the Most in Auction:

.web – Applied for by Afilias Domains No. 3 Limited, Charleston Road Registry Inc., DotWeb Inc. NU DOT CO LLC, Ruby Glen, LLC, Schlund Technologies GmbH, & Web.com Group, Inc. These are all well-funded players who want that domain badly.

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