New TLD Window Closes – History Being Made

Ok, it hit me once again; I am obsessed with domain names. It is 4:44:22 PM PST and all I can think of is the deadline coming up in fifteen minutes and thirty-eight seconds.  I had to walk away from my desk and take a break because of the anxiety. But it’s not a negative anxiety; it’s an anxiety of excitement that the first real step and deadline for an entire new world of top level domains is about to occur (will have occurred by the time you read this).

I felt the same way when I was bidding on  I really wanted my surname in .com! Now I feel that way on behalf of our clients and partners.  I’m exhilarated by this and the minute hand on any clock I look at seems to have this dead weight attached to it.  The last ten minutes seem as long as the past year.

Just for fun, and to tip my hat (I really don’t wear hats) to the idea of digital archery, I’m going to try and post a tweet at exactly 23:59:00.

Update: I hit the time +1 second (24:00:00). Time will tell if that would have been a good digital archery hit

Congratulations, first to all my co-workers for the hard work they’ve done,  then to all our clients and partners; and finally to all applicants, who I know have been working very hard towards this historic moment.  Good luck to you all! You are truly part of a historic event online.

I know we have bigger, more difficult challenges ahead, but for now, I just wanted to congratulate everyone, including the people at ICANN on a great start.  So what is next?

P.S.  I posted my tweet at exactly 5:00:00 PM PST (12:00:00 AM UTC).  If it were digital archery, I would have been 1 second late. Hmmm…

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