The Best Fake I’ve Ever Seen – A Man Flies Like A Bird

This is the second flying story I ran across this week. Sorry, off topic, but it is so interesting. The problem here is that this one is a fake.

A Dutch CGI artist pulled off a pretty amazing hoax, building a blog and a group of videos that convincingly depicted his adventure building a bird man flying contraption. When I first saw it I was convinced it was real. But it turns out that he has admitted it as a hoax now.

This is one of those things that you just want to believe really happened. As I watched it the first time I was smiling ear to ear and thinking about dreams I’ve had where I was flying like a bird. It looks so real that I can imagine some hair-brained inventor probably really doing it. But it appears that all the science goes against this possibility for now. Sorry.

For sure, it is an elaborate and convincing hoax and I’m sure that people will be passing this video around the Internet for years to come. It already has over 6 million views and will likely have ten times that many within a few months if not sooner. He told the story over an eight month period.


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