Deloitte Releases Trademark Clearinghouse Prices

With potentially over a 1,000 new TLDs on the internet, ICANN designed a Clearinghouse as a single database of authenticated registered trademarks to protect brands and their intellectual property rights

This week, Deloitte released a PDF containing its new trademark clearinghouse fee structure. The Trademark Clearinghouse is the central repository for validated trademarks for the purpose of protecting brands in ICANN’s new gTLD program. Their Pricing document sets forth the fee structure and relevant fees that the Trademark Clearinghouse may charge Trademark Holders and Trademark Agents for providing the Trademark Clearinghouse validation function.

Companies who wish to register trademarks in the clearinghouse database will pay between $150 and $95 per trademark per year depending on the volume of their registrations. Discounts kick in at 3000 registrations and can be designated from one to 5 years at a time.

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