My Cousin Kristy’s Book

I didn’t know that my cousin, Kristy Alagna, wrote a book! I’m so excited for her and have already ordered one. This is a part of my family’s history and we do have some fun and crazy stories and memories as kids growing up in a Sicilian family during the seventies, in the Chicago area. I can’t wait to get the book.

Our family is all dispersed throughout the country now. But when we had our family reunion two months ago, it was like we never left my cousin’s basement.

This was a place we visited as often as possible as kids. But what stands out is that each year, we gathered on New Years eve, almost every year for as long as I can remember. And our parents played cards, shouted and laughed all night… and my uncle blinded us with movie camera lights, and we pounded pots and pans at midnight, and we all fell asleep on some floor in some bedroom throughout their home, and we had breakfast and dinner the next day with pasta and every kind of strange fish or cephalopod squirming around in sinks (which most of us kids didn’t really like – at least I didn’t). It went on and on. And, as kids we usually fought with our parents to go and hang out with our friends instead on New Years Eve, and they mostly did not let us, which was great, because we ended up having so much fun with our cousins and we bonded so closely with them.

Sorry for the strange, run-on sentences above, but that’s how I remember it and that is why, when we all got together a few months ago in Chicago, it was like we never left my cousin’s basement. That is something that will never change for any of us. It’s the coolest thing.

I can’t believe I didn’t already post this picture!

Anyway, seeing Kristy’s video and hearing about her book, I could not help but to write this post and let you know about her book.  The way she reads just a few lines makes me anxious to see the rest.  She’s awesome!  I know I use this blog mostly to write about business stuff.  This is something really close to my heart; one of my beautiful cuz’s (I have a lot of them :-).

So check out her video below.  I know you’ll be touched.  And then visit her website and get her book, “Suitable for Framing”.  I’m sure you’ll love it.

Only Seven Lines – Kristy Alagna, May 12, 2017

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