Happy Decade!

The new year, and especially a new decade, has me thinking about time and its passing. 

Living on the west coast of the United States is a funny thing.  You always feel late.  If you call someone in the Midwest or on the East Coast, they’re two or three hours ahead of you. It’s hard to tell them anything new.  They’ve already seen the news of the day and read their email.  They’re thinking about lunch by the time you get to your desk.  If you call someone in Europe or Africa, they’re at least seven hours ahead of you; and least of all, if you call someone in Australia or Asia, they’re living in tomorrow. 

But many years ago, I dreamed of living in California, so living here is part of a dream made true.  I thank God to be here.  

What are your dreams? 

Today we enter a new decade and no matter where you live, I wish you a decade full of dreams made true, and not just made true, but made true in time for you to enjoy them. 

Happy New Year!  Happy Decade!


Wishing You a Great Decade!

About Joe Alagna

Joe Alagna is the Director of Sales for it.com Domains LTD. He is also an independent insurance broker offering home and business insurance in southern California. He is an international expert in all aspects of the domain name business, including domain name investing, new gTLDs, registrars, and registries. Joe can be reached by phone at +1 (909) 606-9175 or via email using the contact form on this site.
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