Reasons for My Faith in Jesus Christ

I’ve been a Christ follower for over 30 years. I may not always wear it on my sleeves, but I’ll never deny it. As a natural skeptic, it’s taken me a long time to believe the way I do today. I can truly say I love God, that He is a real part of my life, and that I submit to Him in everything I do.

Although I grew up in an Italian Catholic home, true faith in Christ didn’t come naturally to me. So many things have stood in my way:

  • 1.) I’m a sinner. I make mistakes and do things that are not aligned with what I know I should be doing all the time;
  • 2.) I’m prideful. The idea of submitting to anyone or anything has always seemed weird to me (I didn’t understand that submitting to the God of the Bible is submission to the everlasting, all-present, all-powerful, all-knowing God. He is a God Who loves me, and He is a God Who will ultimately judge all men. He is my Creator and the Creator of the universe! – Nothing can go wrong by submitting to Him, and it simply means considering Him first as you go through your days).
  • 3.) Catholicism, like many other faiths referred to as “Christian,” is not aligned with Biblical Christianity;
  • 4.) A proper relationship with God takes patience and is a lifelong journey involving many setbacks.
  • 5.) Finally, as for this list, which is not complete, I’m a skeptic. I don’t believe the “experts” of this world, including the scientists, atheists, pastors, and priests. I believe we all have base egos and biases. But the thing is, I have come to believe what the Bible teaches, that it is unerring truth, and it is how God speaks to us. So, I measure anything I hear from any human being (including things that my pastor says) against the Word of God.

There’s a lot more that I can’t address in a single article, but something I saw this morning got me on the topic. It is a presentation given by the amazing John Lennox, who is a Professor of Mathematics at Oxford University, internationally renowned speaker, and author of several books on the interface of science, philosophy, and religion. Check it out. Anyone willing to take the time to understand what he is saying can see that the existence of the God of the Bible is undeniable. It’s the only life philosophy that makes sense to me. I hope you’ll listen, learn, and enjoy it.

I want to add that I think we all have a responsibility to seek wisdom and truth, and there can only be one truth. Truth is not relative, and it is not personal. Those who don’t seek it or don’t care really miss out. The Bible teaches it (much in Proverbs).

Another reason I love this video is that it is probably part of a longer debate on the existence of God. Oxford seems like a place where a civil debate can take place without a mob taking over. All of social media is basically a mob. It’s the reason I don’t do debates there.

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