ICANN Adds 266 New Gtld Applicants In A Week

historyICANN has revealed that it now has 556 registered users in its Top-Level Domain Application System, up from 290 just a week ago.

Each TAS account can be used to apply for 49 new gTLDs (not 50 as previously reported), so we’re looking at anywhere from 0 to 27,244 new gTLD applications…

Read the story… | Source: Domain Incite | Date posted: 3/25/2012

Kevin Murphy of Domain Incite reported today that ICANN now has 566 registered users in their TLD Application System (TAS).  Each one of those applicants has the right to add as many as 50 TLDs so that means there could be as many as 27,800 new TLDs entered.  That scenario is highly unlikely but I think we can now assume that the higher estimates were more accurate.  I’ve always felt that we would end up with somewhere in the range of about 1500 but it could be much higher.  There are still three or four more days to get registered in TAS (although it is prudent to get registered earlier rather than waiting till the last minute).  History is being made right now.  Good or bad, it’s going to be very interesting to see how this pans out over the next few years.

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