JAS Global Advisors To Be One Of Three Independent Evaluators

JAS Global Advisors LogoA Chicago company, JAS Global Advisors, is playing a key behind-the-scenes role in an unprecedented expansion of Internet domain names – the web’s equivalent of real-estate addresses dominated by .com, .gov, .org and .edu.

The expansion will open the way for new domain names ending in just about any word imaginable – from .chicago for people looking to identify themselves as Chicagoans, to .jeans to .security to .YourNameGoesHere.

As a March 29 deadline nears for applications for the new domain names, JAS Global Advisors, headed by international online security expert Jeff Schmidt, will be one of three companies nationwide that will evaluate applicants for their technical and financial qualifications…

Read the story… | Source: Sun Times | Date posted: 3/24/2012

Note from Joe:

ICANN is using independent evaluators to score new TLD applications. This article identifies one of those evaluators. I typically am an ICANN fan but I’m a little concerned when an evaluator’s site seems out of date and has a broken blog link. These are red flags for any website; indicating that a company is not paying attention or not aware of online best practices.

If you visit JAS Global Advisors’s web site, their blog link is broken and their copyright date is 2011 three months into 2012. There’s also no privacy policy on the site. These are all missing best practices.

I hope they do better and show more sophistication in their judgement of applicants who wish to run TLDs than they show running their own site. Maybe this is a case of the shoemaker whose kids have no shoes?


I received a note from JSA Advisors and, to be fair wanted to post it here…

In your 24-March blog entry, you fairly pointed-out that our blog had periods of downtime over the weekend. Wanted to assure you that this was
a planned, temporary, and short-term issue as we prepare for larger web enhancements scheduled for mid-summer. Using Pingdom 3rd party
monitoring, we publish uptime stats at http://status.jasadvisors.com dating back to Sep 2009 (for https). You can see that we’ve been 100%
available for the vast, vast majority of the past 2.5 years. I’d also like to point-out that jasadvisors.com was one of the first fully validatable DNSSEC-signed zones in .com. Our DS records appeared in .com on 31-March 2011, the same day .com’s DS records were published in the root. We do eat (and enjoy!) our own proverbial dog food!

Thank you,

Jeff Schmidt, CEO, JAS Global Advisors LLC

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