I love to read and run across ideas worth remembering almost every day.  Almost every day I want to blog and post something thoughtful about what I’ve read.  The problem is that I rarely have time.  But today I’m doing it.  I have a little time and I read two articles that I found interesting and thought compelling.  I’m going to post these more often; I’m going to call them “Joeservations“, short for “Joe’s Observations.”  It happens to me all the time and is worthy of naming as an incentive to keep it up.  Here are today’s…

The Wall Street Journal had an opinion post written by Jim Hake, who is a Los Angeles-based venture capitalist.  It’s an intriguing essay telling the story of Spirit of America, his NGO providing civilian support to U.S. military personnel who are trying to win over private sector players in other countries. He explained how when he got the idea to support military personnel, his first move was to meet with an Officer profiled in the  story he saw. This officer was trying  to win over the hearts and minds of some local Afghan villagers. His story was profiled in a National Geographic special. Mr. Hake wanted to help.  I am now a fan of Jim Hake but that’s not the point I wanted to share.  In one part of the article, Mr. Hake stated something that we all need to remember.   Here is the point; this is my Joeservation:

In the article, Mr. Hake stated:

“Here’s the guy closest to the problem.  Let’s ask him what makes sense, then do it.  You have to get to the point where the transaction really happens.  In business, if you don’t understand that, you don’t understand anything, no matter how bright your idea may be.”  (Joeservation #1)

How valuable is that?  I’ve seen this over and over.  Some of the best ideas in the world go nowhere and good businesses fail because no one understands how to convert a prospect into a buyer.  They never get to and don’t understand “the point where the transaction really happens.”  I loved this quote.

I have one more Joeservation I ran across today.  Also from today’s Wall Street Journal, another opinion article written by Holman Jenkins, Jr., he quoted a memory-worthy statement that apparently is a Google mantra:

“Competition is only a click away”   (Joeservation #2)

We all need to remember that. Nothing more needs to be said.

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