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Since new gTLDs (generic Top Level Domain) names have been released, registries and many others, have created videos trying to explain to the general public what new gTLDs are about and why they are important. I think it will be a good idea to collect as many of these in one place as I can just so I know where to find them when I want them. Hopefully this will be a good resource for you too.

Update 2017: I’m going to begin adding other videos here about domain names, DNS, and the Internet:

This one is a great basic explanation of what ICANN does! I have been attending ICANN meetings for 18 years. Most people find it difficult to understand. This video puts it all in a nutshell:

This first list of videos is a collection put together by ICANN featuring new gTLD applicants (those that applied and will be running the new domain name registries). I’m starting with a good friend, Ray King. If this works right you will be able to see several that follow (about 10 or so on my last count).

This one is also put out by ICANN (Internet Corporation for Names & Numbers). I like the accent. It’s called “The Dot is Making New Friends”.

This global focused video was put out by Afilias. It’s a good generic explanation of TLDs in general. Very basic and nice explanation. It has about 5900 views as I write.

What Does ICANN Do? I couldn’t resist posting this one just because so many people wonder what ICANN does. It’s pretty cool. I love this lady’s accent. The video has about 7000 views.

People at ICANN made a lot of fun of this video but I think that was the point. It was put out by the applicants for .CEO. It has about 1700 views. Domain Incite called it the worst new TLD video ever. I kind of like it. :-).

Update: As of 2017, this video is not longer available. It used to be here:”

This video called “Hitler Finds Out ICANN’s TAS Is Down” is an inside joke. You have to be deep into new gTLDs to get it. I’ll leave it at that. If you aren’t into new gTLDs and don’t know what Digital Archery or TAS means, don’t bother watching it. It does have 4000 views.

A company called Donuts is the largest applicant for new gTLDs in the world. They applied for over 300 of them. Their nicely done video has over 10,000 views on

Update: As of 2017, this video is not longer available. It used to be here:

Donuts came up with a way to help brands stop cybersquatters from registering new gTLDs by promising to block all of the domains that they will eventually carry. The product is called the Domains Protected Marks List (DPML). The product is also being offered by another large registry called Rightside.

Update: As of 2017, this video is not longer available. It used to be here:

This video was put out by the Trademark Clearinghouse (TMCH). It is part of many “rights protection mechanisms” designed to help brands to protect their names in the new world of gTLDs. This one has about 8000 views.

This video is one that I’ve been looking for for a while. It makes fun of the new gTLD process and, sadly, is quite true. New gTLDs can become very confusing. Most of the crazy examples he gives in this video are really going to become possible. :-). I’m surprised that there are only 3000+ views.

On a more somber note, here is my creation for We did a series of videos explaining new gTLDs and explaining how to understand them using our website. Wow, I got 300+ views!

This fun video put out by Domain Diction and .global looks like an epic film trailer. It was put out a few weeks ago and only has 20 or so views but it’s kind of fun.

Domain Diction has a few more here:

This is a serious one and worth watching if you care about true global expansion. It was put together by the people at TLD Registry and is called “The Future of Chinese Domain Names”. It is translated into Chinese as it moves along so it is a little slow but, I think worth watching. TLD Registry is responsible for creating one of the first two Internationalized Domain Names in the Chinese language. They are important TLDs because the Chinese government will be using them for city and regional names going forward. They are fully Chinese top level domains (on the right and the left of the dot). I have met some of their executives and am intrigued. They have more videos worth checking out here:

Here is a website (not a video) put together by the new Domain Name Association at I think it’s worth including here because the site is done so nicely and is dedicated to new gTLDs.

This one is a cute one put out for brand names by Wise Dot. It’s one of those animated robot-type videos but interesting to watch. It focuses on the dot brand domains. Yes, many companies like IBM and Canon and Deloitte will have their own domains (.IBM, .Deloitte, and .Cannon). This video has about 1600 views.

Update: As of 2017, this video is not longer available. It used to be here:

Does anyone remember .nxt? This group was a forerunner in the space but seems to have fizzled out. They sponsored a few good conferences and events. They did this nice explanatory video over two years ago.

Here’s an interesting video that includes foreign language testimonials about Internationalized Domain Names (IDNs) in several foreign languages. I found it at, on of our resellers. I’m really happy that it includes a spoken credit to Tina Dam, who is a personal friend and who worked relentlessly while at ICANN to help make IDNs a reality. She deserves that credit given from Rod Beckstrom, the former CEO of ICANN.

Update: As of 2017, this video is not longer available. It used to be here: “” is a pretty aggressive registry that is targeting the Hispanic market with a lot of gusto. They have also put together some pretty nice videos to help people understand new gTLDs. Here’s one that we shared on our site.

Here is a video put together by Peoplebrowsr, the company behind .ceo, and .best. They’ve done a nice job in creating these. I’d vote these some of the nicer new gTLD videos…

This guy does a lot of videos, most not related to new gTLDs but I liked his contribution to the field…

This is a video that anyone interested in buying domain names for a profit should see. Mike Zappolin is one of the most successful domainers in the world. He’s made the process of buying domains and building businesses on them an art form. Watch, learn, and get excited…


Ok, that’s all for tonight. Please send me links to the videos I missed. I’ll collect them and update this when I have time. Thanks for watching.


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