The Case for Brandables

I just had a dialogue with a friend who is involved in so I checked out their site. Working for, I have seen a lot of great brandables come to life. I often have to explain the pros and cons of generic domain names vs. brandable domain names. I like the video they made that makes the case for unique, brandable, website names.

Many startups and companies use ccTLDs to form brandable domain names. I don’t know when this trend began but suspect it started with (even though now they own the version as well). Enjoy the video, it’s pretty cool and helpful to a new business trying to decide on a unique name.

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Joe Alagna is the Director of Sales for Domains LTD. He is also an independent insurance broker offering home and business insurance in southern California. He is an international expert in all aspects of the domain name business, including domain name investing, new gTLDs, registrars, and registries. Joe can be reached by phone at +1 (909) 606-9175 or via email using the contact form on this site.
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