Domain Business, Donuts, is the #1 Fastest Growing Business According to Deloitte

Within the domain name industry, we have continual debates about which domain name endings are best or most successful. But this announcement is exciting for anyone in the industry regardless of how one feels or whatever sector of the industry one works. Donuts grew at a rate of 59,000%! That is a phenomenal growth rate for any company and dwarfed the growth rates of many others regardless of the sector. Software companies, as a whole were the fastest growing sector but Donuts beat all of them. The next highest company was ClassPass, a software company with a 46,000% growth rate. The vast majority of companies had a growth rate less than 10,000% regardless of the sector (all still impressive)

This report confirms the overall excitement and growth that the domain industry enjoys. I believe we still have a huge upside.

Regarding our internal debates, the terms “best” and “success” can be defined many ways including;

– Best for SEO
– Best for client success
– Best for the registry’s success

I’d like address each one here.

Regarding SEO, domains are one parameter used in search. It’s a good idea to have keywords to match what you do in your domain(s). Based on good research I’ve seen the ending (top level domain) doesn’t matter that much.

Regarding client success, it’s generally agreed that using an established top level domain is best. Regardless of the ending, the key is to get a domain that is clearly memorable.

Regarding registry success, almost all registries are going to succeed. Long term success was baked into the application process. If they don’t succeed financially on their own, they are set up to be easily rolled up and consolidated with a conglomerated registry like Donuts or Afilias.

The main point however is that we all have something to be excited about. The domain industry remains relevant and continues to grow as fast or faster than many other industries. Congrats to Donuts on their success.

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