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Domain News and Views

Verisign Releases Domain Name Industry Brief 2016 ended with just under 330M domain name registrations across all top level domains (TLDs). That’s about a 2.3 million name increase over the previous quarter. Domains grew at a rate of 6.8 percent … Continue reading

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What am I Thankful For?

I was thinking this morning about Thanksgiving; “What am I thankful for?” If you are seeing this, I am thankful for you.  As I pray each day, the first things I thank God for are the people in my life; … Continue reading

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The Case for Brandables

I just had a dialogue with a friend who is involved in so I checked out their site. Working for, I have seen a lot of great brandables come to life. I often have to explain the pros … Continue reading

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This Guy Has to be a Cousin

I know this guy has to be related to us (the Alagna family); but I don’t know how. He is Sicilian (but grew up in France). This has nothing to do with domain names which is my usual fare here. … Continue reading

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