Google Starts Holding Company and Uses ABC.XYZ

Huge Win for the New Generic Top Level Domain, .xyz


Google made a big announcement today that will certainly benefit the world of new generic Top Level Domains (gTLDs). They have started a new holding company called “Alphabet” and are hosting it at The new .xyz domain name was started by Daniel Negari, a Beverly Hills domain name entrepreneur (He does a lot of other stuff too). Daniel’s marketing of the new .xyz domain name has had its critics but overall, has been ingenious. He has done several amazing things:

– leveraged contacts from his large affiliate business (likely including Google)
– positioned .xyz to be thought of as the largest new gTLD in the space (This was accomplished mostly through a controversial special arrangement with but certainly helped to accomplish its purpose
– used his existing .com domain ( to allow .xyz registrants to be secure that their users wouldn’t be redirected accidentally to .com domains. To see what I mean, type in You’ll see that it still goes to the domain name. Very few new gTLD applicants thought of this and it is very smart.
– leveraged the news media to get as much publicity as possible for his new gTLD.
– positioned .xyz as the domain name for millennials as in generation xzy.

There are a few other things they have done very well to have taken a string that many considered not all that great to become one of the most successful new gTLDs in the world. Getting Google on board with ABC.XYZ is a huge win.

Whatever you think of the new domain ending, .xyz, anyone could learn a lot about marketing by studying what .xyz is doing to make it a commercial success.

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