Making Butterfield FireWise®

I have an insurance agency. We insure cars, homes, businesses, and lives. Over the past few months, I’ve heard more and more people bringing up the fact that their insurance is being raised. I’ve also met several potential client / applicants who have been denied or refused insurance due to “potential fire hazard”.

The interesting thing is that many of these applicants have homes that don’t seem like a fire hazard at all to me. But I’ve come to learn that part of these fire hazard decisions are based on the existing risk that some of these insurance companies already have in a particular area or region. It’s a way for them to limit risk by spreading it out. After all that’s what makes insurance work, shared risk.

Well guess what, I just got my homeowners insurance bill and it went up too. I decided to look into it a little more. What I discovered is interesting and might be of interest to people in the community. It’s called creating a Firewise USA Community. And living in one has the potential to save us a few dollars on our insurance bills (I don’t know if it’s significant but I see no reason not to do this regardless).

I’m going to start it. If you are interested in serving on the board that we’ll need to create, please contact me. My plan is to do it in Butterfield and to invite other parts of Chino Hills to do it for their communities as well. A Firewise USA Community can consist of no more than 2500 homes. I’ve counted about 1800 in ours.

Our web page will be here. Eventually I am going to move the page to my upcoming website.

About Joe Alagna

Joe Alagna is the Director of Sales for Domains LTD. He is also an independent insurance broker offering home and business insurance in southern California. He is an international expert in all aspects of the domain name business, including domain name investing, new gTLDs, registrars, and registries. Joe can be reached by phone at +1 (909) 606-9175 or via email using the contact form on this site.
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